On Wednesday’s Catholic School Matters Radio Hour podcast, Bishop George Murry of Youngstown leads off. He discusses what life is like for a bishop during these trying times and shares his remarkable story of beating leukemia last year.

Then Dr. Liz Guneratne of Moreau Catholic HS joins me to discuss why she returned to the principalship after a few years at Santa Clara and the central office.  Dr. Guneratne has worked as an elementary principal, an instructor at Santa Clara, an assistant superintendent, and last year helped launch the Lumen Christi Academies.

Finally, Dr. Dan DiLeo of Creighton University comes on to discuss Laudato Si and the upcoming summer conference.  We discuss the meaning of the encyclical and provide a way for people to approach and understand it.  I’m including a few articles about Laudato Si:

  1. FOCUS Ministry’s “Summary of Laudato Si” is an absolutely perfect place to start understanding the encyclical.
  2. The Acton Institute’s “Guide to Laudato Si” is another great place to start.
  3. America Magazine’s “Top 10 Takeaways from Laudato Si” is another great summary article.
  4. Where Science Warnings Fail, Can Moral Force Push Us Out of Climate Inertia?” in NCR is a great article about where we are now.
  5. The “Ignatian Carbon Challenge” brings Laudato Si to life in Catholic schools, as reported by NCR.
  6. Catholic Relief Services has an animated video on Laudato Si.

These articles will give you context for reading the encyclical.  Here is another link to this great podcast.