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Thoughts about leadership, education, and life in Catholic schools.

About Dr. Uhl

Dr. Tim Uhl serves as the superintendent of Catholic Schools for Montana, serving 24 schools, 3800+ students, and two dioceses (Helena and Great Falls-Billings).  He has previously served as the principal of Holy Rosary Regional School in Tacoma and Catholic High School in New Iberia, Louisiana.  He is the founder of “Catholic School Matters,” a podcast about Catholic Schools.  He published a Montana Catholic Schools website full of great resources and a weekly newsletter “Catholic School Matters” with great information, too.

Montana Articles:

  1. NCR “In Conversations” podcast interview with Dr. Uhl dropped on Feb 2, 2018
  2. NCR article about Dr. Uhl and the Catholic School Matters podcast Feb 2018
  3. Winter 2017 Momemtum article about Effective Evaluations
  4. Dr. Uhl’s article in Fall 2017 Momemtum about Effective Interview Questions
  5. NCEA & Dr. Uhl anounce partnership for “Catholic School Matters”
  6. Summer 2017 Momentum article with Dr. Raul Escarpio entitled “The Intersection Between Serving Hispanic Students and Exceptional Learners”
  7. “American Educator Releases New Podcast About Catholic Education” in the CCSTA (Canadian Catholic Schools Trustee Association” newsletter
  8. Fall 2016 Momentum (NCEA’s publication) profile on pp. 14-15
  9. Feb 25, 2016 Op-Ed in Billings Gazette “Catholic Schools Serve Students With Diverse Needs”
  10. Sep 2014 article “New Montana Superintendent of Catholic Schools Makes His Rounds Around the State”
  11. July 2014 article “Helena Diocese names new superintendent of schools”

Tacoma Articles:

  1. “Called to Catholic Education” article in NW Catholic about Dr. Uhl at Holy Rosary Regional School-Juan Diego Academy.
  2. ACE article in 2015 chronicles the Dual Language Journey of Holy Rosary Regional School.

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