Throughout the year, I try to track the opening and closing of Catholic schools.  This month, we have some great examples of brand new Catholic schools such as St. Michael the Archangel HS outside Kansas City; St. Ignatius Elementary outside Boise; St. Timothy School in Union, Kentucky; Frassati Catholic HS outside Denver; and new independent Catholic high schools in Richmond and North Carolina.  What is most exciting for me is the new St. Francis Catholic School in Billings where they moved out of their three campuses and into a new $17 million building.

Continue the good feeling by reading about the profiles of the award-winning Catholic elementary principal Phyllis Cavallone-Jurek of Chicago and the new African-American superintendent of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, Dr. RaeNell Billiot Houston—both of whom will be on the podcast this year. For an uplifting profile, read about Cardinal Tobin.  Enjoy reading how a Sinsinawa Dominican challenged Rep. Paul Ryan at his Town Hall.

Now, prepare to be challenged.  This article about sexual abuse by priests on Montana Indian reservations is heartbreaking but should be read regardless in order to understand how the Church is being perceived.  This NYTimes article about how the Vatican is challenging hard-line conservatives and America article about Pope Francis’ teaching about liturgical reforms will be unwelcome reads for some.  Others will dispute the Cardinal Newman Society’s article about how the classical approach to education is gaining momentum.  No matter what you find unwelcome or uncomfortable, it’s important for all of us to read all sides.

Stay updated with Catholic school law by reading John Kaempf’s blog, reading this article about the Supreme Court’s ruling, and Archbishop Lori’s opinion.  There’s a new wing for special education at a St. Augustine high school, sparking another Twitter debate on inclusion (!).  British bishops tackle LQBT bullying in Catholic schools.

Read how the National Catholic Register recommends partnering with parents, the solutions to what’s ailing Catholic schools according to the Cardinal Newman Society, the four models in a faith-based school according to the Managing for Mission blog, suggestions for increasing enrollment and the many factors impacting Catholic school enrollment.

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