This post originally appeared in the Feb 1st Catholic School Matters newsletter.

This week marks the beginning of a monthlong study of Fratelli Tutti (link to the text here) on the Catholic School Matterspodcast.  I realize that everyone is busy so I’ve tried to break down the encyclical into five manageable parts.  The first section is Chapter One and my guest is author and theologian Dr. Ann Garrido.  Here’s a link to our podcast conversation.  Take the 30 minutes to read Chapter One and then listen to us discuss the most inspiring parts.

The introduction and first chapter illustrate the relevance of this encyclical on solidarity during the pandemic.  We explore Pope Francis’ thoughts on relationships between Muslims and Christians (including the example of St. Francis himself), he meaning of solidarity & fraternity, the impact of the pandemic on our fragile societies, the deconstruction of history and the value of truth, and the impact of online behavior on our relationships.  Ann shares insights from her upcoming book Rules of Engagement due out this month which explores social media.

Here’s the link to a Fratelli Tutti google doc with inspirational quotes, study guides, and other resources. Feel free to print out and use in your own newsletters!  This study of a papal encyclical fits in with other podcasts about church documents.

Here’s the link to previous podcasts about Church documents:

Next week, I’ll be back with a podcast conversation with Fr. Joe Corpora about Chapter 2 which focuses on the Parable of the Good Samaritan and mercy.