After taking a couple months away from the podcast, I decided to come back with 12 episodes over the break.  The first group of podcasts includes five conversations about Catholic school innovation.

First, Mike Derrick, the founding principal of Cristo Rey San Diego High School, joins the podcast to discuss the efforts to open the school this past fall.  It’s important to note that new schools have been opened during the pandemic and Derrick describes the unique challenges of opening a Cristo Rey high school.

The second podcast in the series focuses on the efforts of Dr. Leslie Lipovski and her colleagues in the Diocese of Arlington (VA) to establish a brand new Catholic virtual school, St. Isidore’s.  It’s a virtual school in every meaning of the word as teachers teach from home and students come from outside Arlington, too.

The third podcast also features the other brand new virtual Catholic school, this one in the Diocese of Orange.  Principal Mary Flock describes how St. Polycarp Catholic School was closed last year and reopened as a virtual Catholic school.

Bruce Davis of Catholic Virtual comes on the podcast to discuss Catholic Virtual’s growth as a provider of online classes to Catholic schools.  A serial entrepreneur, Davis discusses their business model and growth this past year as they work to supplement and assist Catholic schools.

The final podcast in this series is a conversation with Jeff Hausman, the president of the Arrupe Virtual Learning Initiative (AVLI), a consortium of Catholic schools working to provide online content and tools to each other.  Hausman shares their programs and opportunities.

The next series of podcasts will include conversations with Catholic school thought leaders on a variety of topics.  All told, listeners can expect 12 great podcasts to drop over Christmas break!