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Today’s Catholic School Matters podcast features two young Catholic school leaders in celebration of #CSW2020!

Emily Lazor, a 4th year staff member at Dallas Cristo Rey College Prep HS, joined the podcast to explain her vocation as a Catholic school teacher.  She explained her path to Dallas Cristo Rey and the culture of the school.

A fascinating part of the conversation was her description of the day-long application process where applicants had to spend a day at the school and the day included meetings with parents, teaching and supervising students, and finding out if he/she is a good fit.  “School culture is potent,” says Lazor.  She points to the family nature of the school, celebrating each other’s success and struggling together, the importance of self-advocacy, and the teaching is excellent across the board and the learning is student-centered.  She also pointed out that students are quick to point out when something doesn’t fit the culture.

Lazor then explains the innovative approach to the AP Seminar and AP Research programs as part of the AP capstone programs.  She has integrated the theology curriculum underneath the AP capstone programs.  Like other Cristo Rey high schools, they have developed these innovative curricular options serving this overwhelmingly Catholic school.

She discusses how communication happens with students and parents and how they track and celebrate parent involvement.  One of the unique ways that parents are involved is the parent rosary.

Lazor brings up an exercise that she uses with her students–the Fr. Michael Heintz three questions for discernment: what brings you joy?  What has brought out your gifts?  Is there an actual need for that?

It’s a fun conversation with someone on fire with her Catholic school vocation.

Matt Hauptly, the principal of Holy Family HS outside Denver joins the podcast to discuss the successful capital campaign.  Matt Hauptly first discusses his pathway to leadership and his decision to enroll in the Remick Leadership program at Notre Dame.

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the school in 2022, the school decided to launch a capital campaign to build a new gym, classrooms, and other facilities for approximately $6 million.  Despite his varied experience, Hauptly did not have extensive fundraising or capital campaign experience.

Hauptly described the use of a development firm who conducted a feasibility study showing that the potential was up to $4 million.  The school had previously been unsuccessful in a capital campaign–trying to raise $10 million but only raising about $1 million.  However, this campaign surpassed their goal and raised over $7 million.

The construction has finally finished and the growing Holy Family High School is celebrating its success!

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