On this week’s Catholic School Matters Radio Hour podcast, I bring on three great guests with unique perspectives. Dr. Brandi Odom-Lucas, the principal of Verbum Dei HS in South Central LA, comes on to discuss her work at the Cristo Rey high school in Los Angeles.  The “Verb” is a historically African-American high school which transitioned to a Cristo Rey high school under Jesuit sponsorship.  Former podcast guest Dr. Susan Abelein of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles was the former principal who hired Dr. Odom-Lucas to work at the Verb.  It’s a school with unique challenges but a compelling mission and Brandi is a great listen!

Then Brigid Cashman, the religion coordinator at an independent Catholic inner-city school in Chicago, discusses the Frances Xavier Warde School model.  I had never heard of a Catholic school with a non-Catholic religious track nor had I heard of an inner-city Catholic school which is growing.  Brigid describes the different tracks and the fascinating origins of the Warde School.

Finally, Dr. Timothy Walch, author of NCEA’s Parish School, joins me to discuss the 19th century American Catholic movement of Americanism which resembles today’s Catholic charter movement.  It’s great to talk history with a historian who can appreciate that all that is old is new again!

Here is another link to the podcast.