Today’s Catholic School Matters Radio Hour (Oct 24th) has a variety of guests.  We talk about the abuse/leadership crisis with a journalist who is covering the crisis.  We talk to a former inner-city Catholic school principal about the value and challenges of inner-city Catholic schools.  And then we have a broader conversation about pluralism and school choice with the professor who literally wrote the book about it.

The opening guest is Brittany Wilmes of NCR.  She serves as the Engagement Editor of NCR and is the host of In Conversation, a weekly podcast focusing on current events in the Catholic Church.  Brittany discusses the recent crises in the church, including the controversy surrounding Archbishop Vigano, as well as the Bishop’s Synod on Young People.  Brittany is engaged with current events in the Church and provides a fresh perspective on the controversies.

The second guest is Antonio Felix of Los Angeles.  A former inner-city Catholic school principal, he now directs Loyola Marymount’s PLACE Corps program which places volunteer teachers in Catholic schools while they earn their M.A. and teaching certification.  Antonio discusses his experience in Catholic education and his role with PLACE.  He also describes their wonderful work and the merits of the program.

My third guest on the podcast is Professor Ashley Berner of Johns Hopkins.  Ashley provides a great explanation of pluralism and its possible implications to our current school environment.  Here is a link to her great book on pluralism No One Way to School: Pluralism and American Public Education.  Listen to another podcast where she discusses education policy and pluralism.  Here is a link to her TEDx talk on pluralism.