Dear Montana Catholic Schools staff members,


Welcome back from summer!  I’m beginning my fifth year as superintendent of Montana Catholic Schools and I thought I would begin this year with a direct email to staff members as opposed to a Catholic School Matters newsletter which has gone national and seems to have lost some of its Montana flavor.

I’m not publishing the first edition of Catholic School Matters until after Labor Day (I’ll be publishing fewer editions this year) so I thought I would share some resources for the first days of school:

  1. Tips to help Kids with Back to School Anxiety” from Mindshift
  2. Teachers Need to Prepare for the 2018-19 school year” from Medium
  3. Back to School ideas for preschool thru college” from Hechinger Report
  4. 5 Ways to Engage Students…that Crucial 1st Week of School” from James Alan Sturtevant
  5. 12 Questions to Ask Your Students on the first day of school” from TeachThought

Those are 5 articles I came across from the past year which I curated.  I haven’t really focused on back to school articles, however, because I have previously published special issues on the topic.  I recommend last year’s Back to School Issue (Catholic School Matters) from August 20, 2017.  It was my most popular issue of the year with almost 3500 views.  The previous year, I published a Back to School issue, too.  And in 2015 I published one, too.  So you’re welcome to peruse those issues and look for great resources.