The Catholic School is a document that has a remarkable clarity about it, presenting concisely the nature, purpose and mission of Catholic schools.  I was able to talk to Dr. Tim Uhl about it on the Catholic School Matters podcast as part of the Church Document series.

I think that three significant points capture the spirit of this document. First, the necessity of all those associated with a Catholic school sharing a “common vision” of what that school should be, namely both an academic community and a community of faith in which Truth is taught and the Beatitudes are lived.

Secondly, that the special task of the Catholic school is to promote the synthesis of faith and culture and of faith and life.  The school gives an environment in which faith can be learned, loved and lived. What a gift!

Finally, there is the direct emphasis on the great dignity of the mission of teaching.  The witness given by teachers is what sustains the school and what gives the school its special character. This, in turn, places teacher formation in the forefront of educational challenges that must be met. Helping to address that specific challenge is the reason the Center for Catholic Education at Aquinas College exists so that we may contribute to ongoing formation of teacher and faculties in accomplishing the mission entrusted to them.