Recently, Mark Wahlberg expressed regret for his portrayal of Dirk Diggler in “Boogie Nights.”  The sex and drugs were embarrassing for the newly ardent Catholic actor—the assumption being that his portrayal would lead his children (especially his daughters) and others to engage in immoral and dangerous conduct.

Missing, however, was Wahlberg’s regret for any of his violent roles.  Have you seen “Shooter”?  In it, Wahlberg brandishes a variety of weapons and disposes of other humans with abandon.  The day after another mass shooting, this one in a church taking the lives of 25+ people aged 5 to 72, we discover that the assailant posed with a rifle in his Facebook profile.

Aren’t we all a little to blame for the glorification of violence and the acceptance of guns as part of our culture?  If we believe that watching a movie which involves sex will lead to sexual activity, why do we fail to see the connection between the glorification and practice of violence?