Finding Your Posts: Grounded Living in Times of Change is a short book of reflections by a lay Catholic high school administrator, Kent Hickey.  He has a great perspective on Catholic schools, parenting, and growing old.  The title references soccer goalkeepers who need to stay near the goal and can’t get drawn into action too far from their goals.  A former soccer player and erstwhile soccer coach, Hickey uses that metaphor to signal his return to his foundation—faith, family, and friends—when distractions preoccupy his attention.

Kent is the current president of Seattle Prep, a coed Jesuit high school where all three of his children have graduated.  Rooted in Ignatian spirituality, Kent offers readable explanations of the Examen, the magis, and discernment.  I found his chapter on discernment perhaps the best explanation I’ve ever read.  Kent has the ability to distill complicated concepts to simple applications.

He’s a funny writer so expect some humor.  The book is written like a series of blog posts so it works well as a reflection guide for your prayer.  It’s enjoyable, readable, and insightful.  I don’t find many books on spirituality written by 50-something lay Catholics.  As a Catholic school administrator, his stories will ring true and give cause for pause.