This week, the Catholic School Matters podcast is coming to you every day with more Catholic Leadership Summit (CLS) previews.  This NCEA Conference held Oct 21-25 is right around the corner and involves superintendents and central office leaders.

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  • Monday, Sep 18th: Episode #71, Dr. Barbara Edmondson. Barbara discusses her new position at NCEA and discusses her work with school leaders across the country.  She pays special attention to the Superintendent’s Academy which runs Saturday Oct 21st through Oct 22nd before the Catholic Leadership Summit.  Here is the link to her podcast.
  • Tuesday, Sep 19th: Episode #72, Dr. Michael Boyle. Mike, the Director of the Greeley Center at the University of Loyola-Chicago and a strong advocate/expert on inclusive Catholic education, talks about his background and work supporting Catholic schools.  Here is the link to the podcast.  Here is the link to the white paper referenced and to the Greeley Center.
  • Wednesday, Sep 20th: Episode #73, Dr. Kurt Nelson. The Superintendent of Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Kurt discusses his work building and developing a school vitality dashboard.  Here is the preview link.
  • Thursday, Sep 21st: Episode #74, Dr. Mary Kearney. The Associate Superintendent in the Archdiocese of Chicago, Mary discusses her presentation on identifying and bringing about change in school systems.  Here is the preview link.
  • Friday, Sep 22nd: Episode #75, Sr. Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN. Angie talks about current legal issues and previews some of the hot topics she will discuss.  Here is the preview link.