Week 3 of the Catholic School Matters podcast kicked off yesterday (Monday, Sep 11th) with Harry Kraemer of the Kellogg School at Northwestern U kicks off the week of CLS (Catholic Leadership Summit) preview podcasts.  Harry is nationally known as a speaker on leadership.  He doesn’t disappoint as he discusses how to “lead up” and gauge a person’s leadership potential.  We tried to apply his leadership insights into a superintendent’s role.  Here’s the link to the podcast on iTunes.


Today (Tuesday), podcast #67 includes a great interview with Dr. Patty Weitzel-O’Neill of BC’s Roche Centre.  Patty was one of the original authors of the National Standards & Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Schools so we discuss the impacts and implications of the NSBECS.  Patty is also the Executive Director of the Roche Center for Catholic Education at BC and so she describes all the great work going on at BC.  Here’s an advance version of the podcast.


Wednesday, podcast #68 is an interview with Dr. Ron Valenti of Catapult.  Ron will discuss his work supporting operational vitality of Catholic schools.  A former Catholic school superintendent, he’s keenly aware of the needs of Catholic school systems and has positioned himself as someone who can serve.  Here’s an advance copy.


Thursday, podcast #69 will be Dr. Lorraine Ozar’s chance to shine.  We’ll continue talking about the NSBECS since Lorraine is also one of the co-authors.  She’ll also describe the great work going on at the Greeley Center at Loyola-Chicago.  Here’s an advance copy.


Friday, Dr. Matt Vereecke, the tallest (and second-youngest) Catholic school superintendent in the country, will discuss his work in Dallas.  A former ACE’er, Matt discusses his philosophy of supporting principal leadership and innovation.  Here’s an advance copy.


All five speakers will be sharing their insights at NCEA’s Catholic Leadership Summit this October in Tempe.