On Monday, September 11th, I kick off a few weeks of preview podcasts with presenters from the NCEA’s Catholic Leadership Summit (CLS) in Tempe October 22-25.  One of the keynotes will be delivered by Harry Kraemer, a professor at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.  Listen to our podcast tomorrow as we explore leadership.  Here’s a link to Kraemer’s TEDx talk.

Kraemer discusses four values which comprise successful leadership: self-reflection, balance, true self-confidence, and genuine humility.  Inspired by Kraemer, I have included links to leadership articles I came across this summer as well as some favorites I’ve previously published.

In the past week I’ve come across a few articles that have direct relevance.  What Teachers Want You to Know: A Note to School Administrators by Jennifer Gonzalez (the “Cult of Pedagogy” blog) is a great read.   She argues that school administrators need to treat teacher time as a precious commodity, differentiate their leadership, give specific feedback, check their egos, and fight for teachers.  It’s a great way to start the school year.  Relationships Matter More Than Rules by Rebecca Alber on the Edutopia site is a great reflection about how change happens in schools.  Farnam Street’s “The Wrong Side of Right” is a great reflection on how we all need to give up being right at all costs.  Finally, David Brooks’ column “In Praise of Finding Life’s Balance” is a great study of how to break down walls of victimization.  It almost seems like everyone—even the most powerful political leader in the world (!)—carries his- or herself as victims.  Brooks argues we need to understand each person’s perspective and fight the victim mentality.

Here are some great articles on leadership from the past few months:

Here is some of my favorite leadership articles that I’ve previously published:

We can’t assume that we all have all the information and skills we’ll need to be successful now and in the future.  We need to assume that we need to keep sharpening our leadership skills.  Let’s learn together.