In Ann Garrido’s great book, Redeeming Administration, she poses the question “What if this is my field?”  She describes on the Catholic School Matters podcast that this realization changed her outlook.  Instead of viewing administrative work as something she had to do, she began to see it as her calling.

For many of us, we got into education to teach and to make a difference in children’s lives.  There’s a certain embarrassment to serving as an administrator.  I hear it all the time.  “I’d rather be back in the classroom,” or the more subtle “I hated being so far from student contact.”  Garrido poses the question, “What is the invitation at your desk?”  In the question is the assumption that there is value in your work, there is a calling—even a ministry—to the work of an administrator.

The podcast episode is a great conversation about the ministry of administration. In her book (and the follow-up, Redeeming Conflict) Garrido reflects on the value of this great work.  Listen to the podcast directly here or on iTunes here.