Where do you find God?  In Episode #48 of Catholic School Matters, Jesuit priest Roc O’Connor explores where God dwells.  It’s in the uncomfortable areas of our life where Fr. O’Connor finds God.  The challenge in liturgy is to connect God’s presence with the often painful realities of our lives like grief, loss, disappointment, and anger—not to mention the digital distraction we are all encountering.  For him, finding out how to make Mass relevant speaks to the value of his priestly vocation.  But he also is sharing the insight of adult faith formation which attempts to unite the real concerns of people’s lives with eternal truths.

O’Connor offers another insight to his vocation when discussing the grace of the confessional.  When he hears people share their pain, he often says, “That sounds like a heavy burden to carry.  Do you want to talk about it a little more?”  He sees himself as a vessel for God’s grace and the way he authentically expresses his role is profoundly wonderful.

Equally wonderful is O’Connor’s sharing of his own faith journey.  Many people view priests as perfect and complete.  He shares that his life has been full of losses and disappointments.  But he has come to fulfilling place and is the happiest he has ever been because he has come to realize that Christ dwells even in our disappointments.  Listen for his wisdom and insight in faith formation and the value of the journey.  The glass is more than half full!

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Link to “Jesus the Lord” by Roc O’Connor, SJ, the song O’Connor references in the podcast.  Another one of his great songs here (“In Praise of His Name”).  This is a video of his vocation story.

Here’s the link to O’Connor’s weekly homilies.