Episode #42 of the Catholic School Matters podcast is an interview with Fr. Steve Katsouros, SJ, the Dean of the Arrupe College—an innovative Loyola (Chicago) venture.  It’s a Catholic community college serving low income students.  The school is 60% Latino and serving 100% poor students.  Designed to integrate Catholic teachings within a community college environment, Arrupe College provides a high degree of personal attention.

Katsouros terms this personal attention “high touch” and “intrusive.”  He frames this approach within the Ignatian cura personalis framework.  This kind of attention is only possible with mission-driven instructors.  They are “on fire” with the mission, as he terms it, and are dedicated to working in this non-tenure track setting.  They are asked to advise the students and provide the wrap-around support the students desperately need.

We talk about design of the school.  Since Katsouros was hired to found the program, he has had a hand in the design decisions—who to hire, who to recruit, how to frame the program, etc.  It’s obvious that he has made serving high need students a priority as well as integrating Ignatian spirituality into a high poverty school.

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Link to Arrupe College.