In last Sunday’s Gospel, the man cured from blindness is hardly believed.  “How were your eyes opened?” they asked.  Incredulous, his neighbors refuse to acknowledge the reality that a miracle has happened in their midst.

In yesterday’s “Catholic School Matters” podcast, Dr. Luis Fraga mentioned two disruptions in Catholic education which happened simultaneously: the loss of religious men and women (and the subsequent economic consequences) and the growing Hispanic population.  Many in Catholic education fail to recognize these two disruptions as realities.

The authors of Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption, Shane Cragun and Kate Sweetman point out the Six deadly blindfolds.  One of the most significant is believing problems don’t exist.  Our Catholic school system is littered with people (lay people, educators, priests, and even bishops) who believe that these disruptions aren’t part of our reality.  These changes and the lack of response to these disruptions have led to school and parish closures.  And what do we do then?  Pretend those causes were local and isolated, move on, and then see the same mistakes repeated.

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