As I began interviewing school leaders for the podcast, tidbits of advice kept leaking out.  I finally decided to try to put together a podcast that would seek to offer young principals advice.  And who better to offer that advice than new principals themselves?

In this podcast, I interview four principals who’ve been in the job 3-4 years.  They talk about challenges, setbacks, mistakes, and successes.  In the process, these leaders offer tangible advice that every principal can apply.  For instance, don’t paint over a mural!  Or don’t mess with the dress code!  These are mistakes made by Domenic Franconi.  And when he talks about what he learned, he reveals a mindset of self-reflection where he learns from mistakes.

When Arica Prado can’t figure out how the budget works, she seeks out help.  She finds a mentor and learns from that mentor.  She is learning agency and autonomy.

When Chris Gavin moves from high school (nearly 30 years as a principal) to an elementary principal position, he finds new types of challenges and is open to learning.  He finds the same values and approach work in both jobs, however.

When Carrie Fuller serves as the new principal the reopened All Souls Academy, she has to build a new community in a school which had closed.  She learns to identify the first families as “first followers” and as founding families.

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