Julian Hanlon, the Executive Director of the Canadian Catholic School Trustees Association, joined the Catholic School Matters podcast this week (#29) to discuss how Catholic schools are funded in Canada.  Hanlon points out that education is handled by each province/territory individually and 3 of these provinces fund Catholic schools fully, while others fund partially or not at all.

It’s important to note that many school choice proponents hold up Canada as an example of what a more educationally pluralistic society might look like.  It’s important to note that not all provinces agree with funding Catholic schools and also that the federal government plays a very minor role in education.

I would imagine both (or all) of the above would be terrifying to many educators in the US.  However, I wonder if they can admit why.  Is it because jobs are threatened?  The power of unions?  Or is it because they can demonstrate that the Canadian system would deliver a much poorer product here in the US?  The same educators who argue for autonomy in their classrooms and argue for putting students at the center of all decisions might argue against a more pluralistic, decentralized system.

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