In today’s podcast, Fr. Brian O’Brien, the president of Tulsa’s Bishop Kelley High School, joins me in a conversation about promoting vocations in Catholic schools.  Fr. O’Brien represents an interesting vocation story of his own.  He discovered his priestly vocation while teaching in the ACE program.

I asked Fr. O’Brien to join the podcast because I think many lay teachers and principals do not know how to promote vocations.  He came up with very concrete ideas to promote vocations.  First, he recommends inviting the Diocesan Vocations Director to campus.  You can never underestimate the value of a personal invitation.  We cannot simply wait for other people to do what we believe is their job.  When invited, it sends the message that this is a shared priority.

Another recommendation is inviting alumni priests back to visit.  This is a powerful testament to the value of a vocation.  For many of our students they don’t have much contact with priests.  If they see them as alumni, then the choice of priestly vocation becomes real.

Fr. O’Brien also recommends featuring alumni priests, brothers, and sisters in publications and on the walls of the school.  Again, this highlights their vocations and makes the choice more real.

It’s a very practical podcast episode with concrete suggestions that every principal should hear.

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