Bishop George Murry, SJ joined the podcast this week (Catholic Schools Week) to discuss the successes and challenges of our Catholic Schools.  Bishop Murry is the current chair of the NCEA (National Catholic Education Association) as well as the chair-elect of the USCCB’s Committee on education.  He has a great perspective on American Catholic schools.

Murry points out the two strengths of Catholic schools: the ability to pass on the faith and the outstanding test results.  He points out data that supports that Catholic schools are supporting the faith and its students are scoring better.  Later in the podcast he points out that all Catholic schools have to balance Catholic identity and academic excellence.  He faults our Catholic schools for not publicizing this great work.  “What parent wouldn’t want to choose the best school possible for their kids?” he asks.

Bishop Murry has the unique perspective of an educational background (he is a Jesuit, after all) and participation and collaboration with fellow bishops.  He mentions the demographic challenges (smaller families, movement to the suburbs, movement to the south and west, etc) as well as the cost challenges of lay teachers.

As we kick off Catholic Schools Week, it’s valuable to listen to Bishop Murry’s macro vision our of Catholic schools in order to focus your efforts for the future.

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