Why do Nativity/Miguel schools matter?  Terry Shields, the Executive Director of the network, states it simply in Episode #15 of “Catholic School Matters.”  These schools serve the poor and education breaks the cycle of poverty.

It seems like in the struggle for parental choice in education, people often mistake the intentions of choice advocates.  They believe they want more money themselves and intend to take money away from the poor.  It is in hearing stories about the great work of the Nativity/Miguel schools that we are reminded of the great work being done by Catholic schools on the margins.

I reminded of the words of Dr. Kevin Baxter, the superintendent of the Archdiocese of LA.  He says one approach to bringing about change is to drop a pebble in the hole.  If every day, each person commits to dropping a pebble in the hole, it will eventually fill!  The great teachers and principals of our Nativity/Miguel schools are dropping pebbles every day.

Terry Shields is worth the listen in this week’s podcast.

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